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EJMI. 2023; 7(2): 170-174 | DOI: 10.14744/ejmi.2023.77988

The Prognostic and Predictive role of DR70 immunoassay in Patients with Advanced (Metastatic) Breast Cancer

Sinan Koca1, Nalan Akgul Babacan2, Ilker Nihat Okten1, Tugba Akın Telli2, Ozkan Ala2, Bilge Aktas Sezen2, Faysal Dane2, Perran Fulden Yumuk2
1Department of Medical Oncology, Göztepe Prof. Dr. Süleyman Yalçın City Hospital, Istanbul Medeniyet University, Istanbul, Türkiye, 2Department of Medical Oncology, Marmara University Faculty of Medicine, İstanbul, Türkiye

Objectives: DR-70 is a newly developed immunoassay that detects fibrin degradation products in blood. To the best of our knowledge, no previous study has investigated the prognostic and predictive value of DR-70 in patients with advanced breast cancer. Methods: Seventy-four metastatic breast cancer patients and 35 healthy volunteers were enrolled prospectively. Blood samples were collected before and after the treatment, and PET-CT imaging was performed accordingly. Results: The median age was 54 (range 27-89) years. N=47 (63.5%) were luminal breast cancer, n=20 (27%) were HER2 type, and n=7 (9.5%) were TNBC. The medianDR-70 levels of patients and healthy volunteers were significantly different 0.91(0.22-10) and 0.39(0.22-0.93) (p<0.001), respectively. There was no correlation between pre-treatment DR-70 and CEA, CA15-3 levels (p=0.68, p=0.43), respectively. The basal value of DR70 was not significant in predicting survival (p=0.29). A level of 55 % and above decrease in the DR70 values before and after treatment was found to be a good prognostic factor. There was A significant correlation between DR70 response and disease control (p<0.001). Conclusion: DR70 response is a good predictive marker for response evaluation and a good marker for prognostication In patients with advanced breast cancer. Keywords: DR70, metastatic breast cancer, prognosis, predictive value

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Koca S, Akgul Babacan N, Okten I, Akın Telli T, Ala O, Aktas Sezen B, Dane F, Fulden Yumuk P. The Prognostic and Predictive role of DR70 immunoassay in Patients with Advanced (Metastatic) Breast Cancer. EJMI. 2023; 7(2): 170-174

Corresponding Author: Sinan Koca

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