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EJMI. 2022; 6(2): 180-183 | DOI: 10.14744/ejmi.2022.45197

The Clinical Effect of Triglyceride Glucose index, an insulin Resistance Marker, on Predicting Paclitaxel-induced Neuropathy

Utku Donem Gundogdu1, Funda Karabag Coban2
1Department Of Medical Oncology, Afyonkarahisar Park Hayat Private Hostipal, Afyonkarahisar, Turkey, 2Department Of Biotechnology, Uşak University, Faculty, Usak, Turkey

Objectives: Neuropathy is one of the most common side effects of paclitaxel therapy. Neuropathy that develops with paclitaxel, cisplatin and oxaliplatin treatment is a treatment limiting factor and may lead to discontinuation of the patient's treatment. The metabolic consequences of chemotherapy have not been extensively studied. It is known that insulin resistance and hyperglycemia develop in a subgroup of patients. The triglyceride Glucose index (TyG) is used as a marker of insulin resistance. In our study, we aimed to examine the relationship between paclitaxel chemotherapy-induced neuropathic pain and insulin resistance. Method: Patients who underwent paclitaxel (paclitaxel 80 mg /m2 12 weeks per week 1) chemotherapy protocol due to cancer diagnosis, patients who developed neuropathic pain within 3 months and did not develop neuropathic pain, patients before the first chemotherapy and before the third month chemotherapy, high serum glucose Density lipoprotein, low-density lipoprotein, triglyceride, total cholesterol and hemogram parameters were recorded by retrospective file scanning method. Neuropathy pain score was calculated using a validated test, the DN4 neuropathic pain questionnaire. In the pain questionnaire, it was evaluated as neuropathic pain over 4 points. Correlation between TyG index and neuropathic pain was examined. Results: In our study, we found that the TyG index was higher in patients who developed neuropathic pain before starting paclitaxel treatment, compared to patients who did not develop neuropathic pain. Conclusion We believe that more comprehensive studies are needed by increasing the number of patients on the etiopathogenesis of the neuropathy development mechanism. Keywords: Neuropathy, Cancer, Paclitaxel, Triglyceride Glucose index

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Gundogdu U, Coban F. The Clinical Effect of Triglyceride Glucose index, an insulin Resistance Marker, on Predicting Paclitaxel-induced Neuropathy. EJMI. 2022; 6(2): 180-183

Corresponding Author: Utku Donem Gundogdu

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