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EJMI. 2020; 4(4): 495-500 | DOI: 10.14744/ejmi.2020.78406

Effect of Inspiratory Muscle Training and Royal Jelly Supplement on Muscle Hypertrophy Markers in Male Smokers

Zarife Pancar1
1Department of Sport Science Faculty, Gaziantep University, Lab of Gaziantep University Performance Laboratory, Gaziantep, Turkey

Objectives: Royal jelly (RJ) is one of the natural, valuable curative bee productdue to its promising health-beneficial and nutritional properties. This healthy diet possesses anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidants, antitumor, and immunomodulatory functions which benefit in humans health and welfare,resulting in its widespread medical use.The aim of this study is to investigate the effects of inspiratory muscle training and royal jelly supplementation on muscle hypertropy markers of healthy smokers. Methods: For this purpose, a total of fourty male aged between 20-22 years were included in the study. Before the study, the groups who were addicted to smoking were divided into four groups as the control group (n=10), royal jelly supplement group (n=0), IMT group (n=10), and royal jelly + IMT group (n=10). Blood samples were taken from all groups for analysis of LDH, CK, CK-MB, Cortisol and Testosteron levels. Groups were made to perform respiratory muscle training through inspiratory muscle training device with 40% of their MIP values. Groups supplemented with royal jelly were provided with 1000 mg/day royal jelly supplied in glass vials. The training sessions were carried out at the same time every day for four weeks/five days. Results: In the findings obtained, a significance was found in the supplement group and the IMT group compared to the controls in the levels of LDH and Testosterone (p<0.05). A statistically significant difference was found in the LDH, CK and cortisol levels in IMT and supplement + IMT groups in favor of the posttest (p<0.05). Conclusion: As a result, it was concluded that royal jelly supplementation increased LDH and testosterone levels by affecting the energy system, and inspiratory muscle training affected LDH, CK and cortisol levels. Keywords: Hypertropy, respiration, royal jelly, smoking

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Pancar Z. Effect of Inspiratory Muscle Training and Royal Jelly Supplement on Muscle Hypertrophy Markers in Male Smokers. EJMI. 2020; 4(4): 495-500

Corresponding Author: Zarife Pancar

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