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EJMI. 2020; 4(1): 41-50 | DOI: 10.14744/ejmi.2019.82298

Safety, Efficacy and Patient Tolerance of the New 360º Cryoadipolysis Device for Multiple-Area Fat Removal

Gregorio Viera Mármol1, Carmen Cano Ochoa1, Maria De los Llanos Pérez1, Jorge Villena Garcia1, Reyna Vargas Lamas1, Mar Altaba Rosas1, Núria Adell Gómez1, Jackie Law1
1Department of Clinical and Scientific, Cocoon Medical S.L.U., Barcelona, Spain

Objectives: Cryoadipolysis is a non-invasive technique for complete body remodeling. It is a permanent fat reduction option for patients with localized unwanted fat. Due to the unique advantages of the technology, it provides multiple benefits compared to other options. The primary objective of this study is to compare the new Cooltech Define 360° applicators compared with the previous generation of Cooltech applicators. The secondary objective of this study is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of Cooltech Define. Methods: This study is divided into 2 parts. The first part compares the results achieved by the new 360° Cooltech Define applicators that reach -10°C versus the Cooltech applicators that reach -8°C. This prospective study involved 10 subjects and 13 sessions. All subjects received a 70-minute procedure with both applicators and at the maximum suction level. The second part of the study evaluates the efficacy of Cooltech Define on 23 subjects, A simultaneous multi-procedure was performed on up to 4 areas with different homogenous cooling applicators. All subjects received one session per area. Clinical data was well recorded with assessments completed before and after the procedure under evaluation using calipers, perimeter measurements and iconography. All potential side effects were also well documented. Results: In the first part of the study, the comparison shows that Cooltech Define provides greater comfort during the procedure due to the design of the new applicator cup which allows the tissue to sit in the applicator without pulling on it strongly. The lower temperature induces hypoesthesia in the tissue more quickly. The sensation of pain from post-procedure massage and common side effects were higher than with Cooltech, especially for the evaluation of erythema and paresthesia or dysesthesia due to the more intense cooling. All subjects were able to return to daily activity without any notable complaints. All side effects were self-limiting and resolved completely without long-term sequelae. In the second part of the study, the average skin fold change was -7.80 mm (±3.46 mm) while the average circumference change was -32.3 mm (±18.6 mm), with the highest results achieved being 20 mm and 80 mm respectively on subjects receiving up to 4 simultaneous treatments. The results were shown in all treated areas for all applicators used on both genders. Conclusion: Both the Cooltech and Cooltech Define procedures based on cryoadipolysis technology provide safe and highly tolerated treatments for the reduction of localized fat, with minimal and reversible side effects. The new Cooltech Define device has 4 applicators that can provide up to 4 simultaneous treatments in one session, it uses lower temperatures and, thanks to the new applicator design, provides faster and homogenous cooling. It achieves superior results for localized unwanted fat reduction while also providing greater patient comfort. The results show the average skin fold change to be -7.80 mm (±3.46 mm) with a maximum change of 20 mm (50% reduction), and the average circumference change was -32.3 mm (±18.6 mm) with the highest result achieved in this study being 80 mm. Keywords: Adipocyte, apoptosis, cryoadipolysis, lipolysis, non-invasive fat removal, multiple treatments, non-invasive body contouring, 360º applicators, 4 applicators

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Viera Mármol G, Cano Ochoa C, De los Llanos Pérez M, Villena Garcia J, Vargas Lamas R, Altaba Rosas M, Adell Gómez N, Law J. Safety, Efficacy and Patient Tolerance of the New 360º Cryoadipolysis Device for Multiple-Area Fat Removal. EJMI. 2020; 4(1): 41-50

Corresponding Author: Gregorio Viera Mármol

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