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EJMI. 2020; 4(1): 36-40 | DOI: 10.14744/ejmi.2019.44556

Use of Social Networks and Impact on Adolescents

Faton Kutllovci1, Sylen Vranica2, Niman Bardhi3
1Clinical University Center, Psychiatric Clinic, Prishtina, Kosovo, 2Private praxis, Private medical polyclinic Shendeti, Prishtina, Kosovo, 3Ministry of Health, Prishtina, Kosovo

Objectives: The use of social networks, aggressive behavior and adolescent school success have taken place in every corner of Kosovo, during the most recent years. The purpose of this study is to find the relationship between social networks, aggressive behaviors and studentís success in school. Methods: The population was within the quota, including 130 students (75 (57.7%) female, 55 (42.3%) male). Their ages were 15-18 years old. The study was conducted in the high school "Ismail Qemali" in Dardana, during the period of 16-20.09.2019. Results: There is a correlation between social network use and aggressive behavior - the obtained correlation coefficient of 0.659 indicates a high positive correlation or correlation coefficient between the two variables with a statistical significance, and it can be concluded that the level of aggressiveness increases with increasing use of the Internet and social networks and vice versa. According to the obtained results there is a correlation between the use of social networks and aggressive behavior. Conclusion: The potential of social networks in society and the dependence of individuals are exhibiting many adverse effects that may increase over time. Campaigns to reduce their influence or dependence would be very important to prevent the highest consequences for humanity. Therefore there should be some awareness policies on the negative effects caused by the invalid use of social networks. Keywords: Adolescents, aggressiveness, behavior, institutions, parents, temperament

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Kutllovci F, Vranica S, Bardhi N. Use of Social Networks and Impact on Adolescents. EJMI. 2020; 4(1): 36-40

Corresponding Author: Faton Kutllovci

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