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Pregnancy Outcomes of Syrıan Refugees: A Retrospectıve Study

Ozlen Emekci Ozay1, Ali Cenk Ozay1
1Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Near East University Hospital, Nicosia, CYPRUS

Objectives: It is aimed to determine the general health status and pregnancy outcomes of Syrian refugees who migrated to Turkey. Methods: 496 Syrian nationals (group 1) and 496 Turkish patients (group 2), who were referred to the Akşehir State Hospital between 31 May 2015 and 31 May 2017, were included. Demographic characteristics of patients, obstetric characteristics at the time of application, laboratory findings and newborn results were recorded. Results: Study data showed that the average age of the patients in group 1 was lower than that in group 2. While the ratio of the patients with gravida >=5 and multiparous patients were high in group 1. In group 2, the %80.2 of patient's were certain of their last menstrual period but it was %18.3 in group 1. In terms of preeclampsia, oligohydramnios and polyhydramnios, there was no difference. Conclusion: Healthy results can be achieved with regular pregnancy follow-up. Syrian migrants can not come to routine pregnancy follow-ups due to many factors. Solving language problems can be beneficial because one of the biggest problems is the communication problem. Developing information and referral policies for these patients may prevent high risk pregnancies. Keywords: Pregnancy, Syrian Refugees, Obstetric Outcomes

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Corresponding Author: Ozlen Emekci Ozay