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EJMI. 2018; 2(2): 80-82 | DOI: 10.14744/ejmi.2018.47955

Prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus in Patients with Pterygium

Leyla Eryigit Erogul1, Ozgur Erogul1
1Department of Ophthalmology, Afyonkarahisar State Hospital, Afyonkarahisar, Turkey

Objectives: The present study was designed to investigate the relationship between diabetes mellitus (DM) and pterygium in patients with pterygium excision. Methods: The data of patients who underwent pterygium surgery in this hospital between 2012 and 2016 were retrospectively reviewed. Patients with systemic disease other than DM were excluded and 174 patients were ultimately included in the study. Age, gender, blood sugar, glycated hemoglobin levels, and diabetes duration were recorded for all patients. Results: The mean age of the patients was 55.4 years; it was 59.6 years for those with DM and 54 years for those without DM. Of the patients, 104 (59.8%) were female and 70 (40.2%) were male. DM was present in 24.1% of the patients, of whom 64.3% were female and 35.7% were male. Of the nondiabetic patients, 58.3% were female and 41.7% were male. Although the co-existence of pterygium and DM was more common in females, the results were not statistically significant. Conclusion: The development of pterygium may be due to many factors, as well as chronic diseases, such as DM.

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Eryigit Erogul L, Erogul O. Prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus in Patients with Pterygium. EJMI. 2018; 2(2): 80-82

Corresponding Author: Leyla Eryigit Erogul

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